Liburdi Industries Wine

Liburdi Industries, Inc., with the world headquarters in Binghamton, NY and a branch in Ceccano, Italy has the FDA permits to import wines in the US. We are looking for additional distributors for North America and Asia. Contact for more info.
Liburdi Industries, Inc., con sede mondiale a Binghamton, NY e una filiale a Ceccano, in Italia, ha i permessi fda per importare vini negli Stati Uniti. Stiamo cercando ulteriori distributori per il Nord America e l’Asia. Contatta per maggiori informazioni.

Grape Harvest

It takes somewhere between 400 and 500 grapes or just over 2.5 pounds of grapes to make one bottle of wine. A ton of grapes will make about 800 bottles

Three Very Special Wines

Liburdi Industries, Inc. is introducing to the market three very special wines: two reds and one white.

The soil and wine have a history that goes back to B.C. and in Roman times. They are produced in the Italian region of Lazio, in a town about 90 km south of Roma. Tours of the winery can be arranged and shipments to distributors worldwide are available. Contact Francesco Liburdi at

Canapa & Canapa Marijuana Grow Cabinet

Canapa & Canapa Marijuana Grow Cabinet

Liburdi Industries is developing an appliance size Marijuana Grow Unit for home use…

CANAPA & CANAPA can be configured to grow a various number of plants depending on the growing technique that you use.

There will be three variations of the unit

  • The unit will be available to be assembled by the user
  • Assembled by distributors
  • Fully assembled

The units can be purchased only by those companies and or individual where the law allows for the growth and or consumption of cannabis. Liburdi Industries takes no responsibilities and all is at the risk of the purchasers.