Three Wine Products For Asian Market

Frusinate Maturano, White: Year 2018
Atina Rosso, Year 2015
Atina Cabarnet, Red: Year 2016

Liburdi Industries, Inc. introduces for the Asian market, in particular, Taiwan, H.K., South Korea, Japan, and China three wines products in Italy, in Frusinate, specifically in Gallinaro. These wines are available in our warehouse in Taipei. They are:

Frusinate Maturano, White: Year 2018
Atina Rosso, Year 2015
Atina Cabarnet, Red: Year 2016

The alcohol content is 13%. These wines have a long history that connects in the Roman era.

Nice Day Brochure

For information about the price and more, please contact:

Liburdi Industries Wines

The commercialization of today’s Liburdi Industries wines has a very long history. It was started by the founder’s great-grandfather and hand down to the grandfather and to the father using simple tools and organic processes. The same love and passion is employed in today processes…  (Updated 12.01.19 – Add Picture of Papa’)

Grape Harvest

It takes somewhere between 400 and 500 grapes or just over 2.5 pounds of grapes to make one bottle of wine. A ton of grapes will make about 800 bottles

Three Very Special Wines

Liburdi Industries, Inc. is introducing to the market three very special wines: two reds and one white.

The soil and wine have a history that goes back to B.C. and in Roman times. They are produced in the Italian region of Lazio, in a town about 90 km south of Roma. Tours of the winery can be arranged and shipments to distributors worldwide are available. Contact Francesco Liburdi at

Testing Grow Unit

3 August 2019

Medical Marijuana Grow Unit

Testing is progressing to have a growing unit for home use to grow medical marijuana (where permitted by law). The unit can grow up to four plants and all the functions like water intake, fertilizer, the light intensity is controlled by an app in your cell phone. For more information, visit