Testing Grow Unit

3 August 2019

Medical Marijuana Grow Unit

Testing is progressing to have a growing unit for home use to grow medical marijuana (where permitted by law). The unit can grow up to four plants and all the functions like water intake, fertilizer, the light intensity is controlled by an app in your cell phone. For more information, visit www.canapaandcanapa.com

Subsidiary in Italy

24 July 2019

In continuing expanding, Liburdi Industries, Inc. has opened a subsidiary in Italy. This is to market the LED activities in the field of Hemp and Marijuana (where permitted by law), in Europe. Testing is in progress.

Grow Light B4

March 22, 2019

Liburdi Industries, Inc. is introducing to the market a LED GROW LIGHT specifically for growing vegetable, hemp, and marijuana (where permitted by law). The unit is intended to be mounted in a tent, for growing up to four plants. It is easy to operate with a control for light intensity, and timing. Contact sales for more info.

LED Grow Lights

January 22, 2019

Liburdi Industries, Inc. is introducing to the market 3 models of LED grow lights. These lights are intended to be used for growing vegetables, hemp, and marijuana (where permitted by law). Click on item for more information and or contact Liburdi Industries, Inc.

Canapa & Canapa Marijuana Grow Cabinet

Canapa & Canapa Marijuana Grow Cabinet

Liburdi Industries is developing an appliance size Marijuana Grow Unit for home use…

CANAPA & CANAPA can be configured to grow a various number of plants depending on the growing technique that you use.

There will be three variations of the unit

  • The unit will be available to be assembled by the user
  • Assembled by distributors
  • Fully assembled

The units can be purchased only by those companies and or individual where the law allows for the growth and or consumption of cannabis. Liburdi Industries takes no responsibilities and all is at the risk of the purchasers.

November 1, 2017 – Letter of Approval

Letter of Approval

New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets has approved the application of Liburdi Industries, Inc. to conduct research with industrial hemp. The company has developed linear modular lights specifically configured for growing hemp indoors. For more information, contact the Liburdi sales team.