Liburdi Industries Wines Video (Update)

We updated our Liburdi Industries Wines Video

“The grapevine farming in the Comino Valley has very ancient origins and it has improved during the centuries. In 1860, thanks to the great agricultural agent of Atina, Pasquale Visocchi, several French varieties of grapevine were combined with the local ones that represent the basis of the enology of the entire valley. The meticulous care for our vineyards shows the attentiveness, the passion, and the love that we dedicate to this prolific and graceful land. The activity, accomplished with self-denial, gives us the opportunity to talk about our wines that grow out of the choice of the best vineyards. The grapes are carefully selected and collected by hands in an uncontaminated environment that boasts of authentic pearls in his traditional products.”

The connection with our roots brought us to dedicate our wines to historical personalities:

  • Eques, a kind of gladiator in ancient Rome, is represented in a majestic roman mosaic preserved in the Palazzo Ducale of Atina.
  • Lucio Munazio Planco, consul during the roman Republic, was born in Atina in 90 b.C. He founded the cities of Lyon and Basilea.”
  • Carmen Rossi (Maria Carmela Caira) was born in 1879 in the farmhouse where our company is located. She had been the model of several artists in Paris from 1892.

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LIBURDI INDUSTRIES is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of products in the green technologies market. In collaboration with teams of advanced microelectronics technology and agricultural biotechnology, we bring to the customer integrated systems ranging from LED solutions for food production to Photovoltaic to Optical Sensor systems for monitoring elements of soil, humidity, water.