April 19, 2019

Agreement with E.shine Systems

Liburdi Industries has reached an agreement with E.shine Systems located in Shenzhen, China to market their LED light systems used to grow vegetables, hemp, and similar plants. For additional info please contact Michelle Wu at or Francesco Liburdi at

In continuing expanding, Liburdi Industries, Inc. has opened a subsidiary in Italy. This is to market the LED activities in the field of Hemp and Marijuana (where permitted by law), in Europe. Testing is in progress.


March 23, 2019

Grow Light B4

Liburdi Industries, Inc. is introducing to the market a LED GROW LIGHT specifically for growing vegetable, hemp, and marijuana (where permitted by law). The unit is intended to be mounted in a tent, for growing up to four plants. It is easy to operate with a control for light intensity, and timing. Contact sales for more info.

LED GROW LIGHT B 4 Rev ADownload